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  HDI 3000 Transducers TRANSDUCERS

Price & research transducers for the HDI 3000 Ultrasound Imaging Platform.

  HDI 3000 Parts PARTS

Price & research parts, including PCB's, monitors and power supplies for the HDI 3000 Platform.

  HDI 3000 Peripherals PERIPHERALS

A full range of peripherals for the HDI 3000 ultrasound system, including printers and VCRs.

HDI 3000 Machine

HDI 3000 Ultrasound.com is the perfect resource for anyone interested in learning more about the HDI 3000 ultrasound imaging platform. We offer competitive pricing from a complete system with probes to parts and peripherals. All of our equipment is guaranteed to arrive operating to factory specifications and will include a warranty. Please contact us with any questions or for a competitive quote.


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HDI 3000 Image

About the HDI 3000

The HDI 3000 was the beacon of high quality imaging when it was released and it remains a relevant diagnostic system today. For the price, it's hard to beat this machine for a general radiology, vascular or OB/GYN ultrasound. The HDI 3000 is a mid level value ultrasound system that shares many technologies with the HDI 5000 system. It stands out for its High Definition Digital Broadband Beamformer with 256 Channels. The HDI3000 is the solution for those wanting a high performance, all digital, ultrasound unit that is capable of 2-D, M-Mode, Color Flow and steerable Pulsed Wave and Continuous Wave Doppler.

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Customer Testimonials

Check in with existing customers who have agreed, for an initial pricing discount, to be reference sites for UDS. Please contact Angel Urquijo at 1-800-416-7567 for further details on used HDI 3000 ultrasound equipment.

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UDS is not an authorized reseller nor are we a distributor of newly manufactured Philips/ATL ultrasound equipment
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